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Lamb Farms is Going Green!

In the summer of 2010 we embarked on a new project at Farm 1 with the start of our new methane digester.  The digester is a “plug flow” system designed by GHD out of Chilton, Wisconsin.

This technology is allowing us to use the manure from the cows to create energy, providing the electricity needed to run the home farm site.  In addition to providing a green energy source for our operation, the digester is also providing bedding for the cows and hot water which is used to wash the milking equipment as well as providing heat for the parlor in the winter.



At left is the electric generator for the digester.  The methane gas that the “cooking” manure produces is pumped into this engine where it replaces fossil fuel normally used to produce electricity.  The generator produces 400 kilowatts of electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  This supplies all the electricity that the farm needs.




Once manure passes through the methane digester, where it is heated to over 101 degrees for 21 days, it is further processed through a separation system in this barn.  The "cooked" manure is run through screw presses that separate the liquids from the solids. The solids are squeezed dry enough to be used as bedding on top of the mattresses in the cows' stalls.



The liquids, now pathogen free because of the “cooking” process, are used as fertilizer for our crops. 


-- Mission Statement --

We at Lamb Farms Inc. strive to efficiently and economically produce high quality milk.
We wish to maintain a dairy which provides good working conditions for employees, comfort for the cows, an atmosphere of teamwork to complete this task, and a good living for all parties involved.
We want to portray a positive image of ourselves and our industry to the community in which we live and work.


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