-- Mission Statement --

We at Lamb Farms Inc. strive to efficiently and economically produce high quality milk.
We wish to maintain a dairy which provides good working conditions for employees, comfort for the cows, an atmosphere of teamwork to complete this task, and a good living for all parties involved.
We want to portray a positive image of ourselves and our industry to the community in which we live and work.

-- History and Organization --

Lamb Farms Inc. is a combination of two dairy farms and a calf facility located primarily in the township of Oakfield, and a heifer facility in the township of Alabama.

In 1966 Gordon Lamb & his father Leslie Lamb sold their farm in Darien Center to The Darien Lake State Park and came to Oakfield. Here they bought the Roy Woller farm along with his 31 cows and combined them with their own 69 cows. This started the original Lamb & Lamb partnership.
In 1977, Lamb Farms Inc. was formed and Jim Veazey joined the farm. This started the business entity of Lamb and Veazey. In 1983, Oakfield-Alabama Farms was formed with Gordon and Jim. In 1990, the Lamb and Veazey partnership changed names and is now called Oakfield Corners Dairy. In 1998, Oakfield Alabama Farms purchased the Forsythe Farm and is now operating it as “Farm 2”.

The number of cows has continued to increase over the years to its current total of 4,200. Until 1995 the growth was mostly internal. Since 1995 more expansion animals have been purchased.
The calves are raised at the calf facility on Bliss Rd., then at 5 months of age are moved to the heifer raising facility in Alabama. When they are close to calving they are moved back to one of the two milking facilities. Milking is done in shifts around the clock.

Lamb Farms Inc. and Oakfield-Alabama Farms own about 6,000 acres and they lease another 2,500 acres. The main crops grown are corn, alfalfa, wheat, and various vegetable crops including peas, beets, and cabbage.

Lamb Farms Inc. has continued to grow and is now one of the largest dairy facilities in New York State. We owe much of the success of the business to the employees and their cooperation in working together as a team.


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