Picture of Leslie Milking

Leslie (grandpa) Lamb founded the farm with Gordon. He was the NYS milking champion in 1932!

Lamb Farms is a family dairy operation owned and operated by the Lamb and Veazey families. The farm has grown over time – in size, in cows, in people and in responsibilities! Lamb Farms was founded in Oakfield in 1966 when (Grandpa) Leslie and (Dad) Gordon sold their Darien Center farm to Darien Lake State Park. They purchased what is now our home farm from Roy Woller and started out milking 110 cows. Ten years later, Leslie and Gordon added Jim Veazey as a partner in the farm.

Family Photo

Standing (L to R): Alicia Lamb, Kyra Lamb, Jonathan Lamb, Matt Lamb, Kendra Lamb, Karen Veazey, Jennifer Schnettler, Jeff Schnettler, Janette Veazey-Post, Jonah Schnettler, Mitchel Pangrazio, Kevin Veazey, Jeff Post. Seated (L to R): Claire Lamb, Gordon Lamb, Chloe Lamb, Peggy Lamb, Marlene Veazey, Travis Veazey, Jim Veazey, Cadence Veazey.

Today, we have two generations and 13 family members involved in our blended family business. This arrangement allows everyone to have an area of expertise. The Lamb’s tend to be cow people – they enjoy managing the herd and making sure all the ladies are in tip-top shape, while the Veazey’s are crop people – they make sure our crops are in order, that we have ample feed for our animals, and they also handle the farm office. Farming is a complex operation and we feel blessed to have so many talented people in our family to help steer our ship so that one day the next generation will have the opportunity to live this fulfilling lifestyle.

This year, 2016, we’re celebrating 50 years of farming in Oakfield!

Our Farms

The Home Farm
Albion Rd, Oakfield

Homr Farm

The Home Farm is where Leslie and Gordon first started milking cows in 1966.  In 50 years the farm has grown from 110 cows to 2400 milking cows.  Our rotary (carousel) milking parlor is a popular sight, and visitors are able to observe the milking from the viewing area.  The farm office and shop are also located here, it’s a hub of activity!  The field crew stays busy farming 8500 acres in the towns of Oakfield and Alabama.  The majority of our fields are corn and alfalfa, the main staples of the cows’ diet.  We also grow some cash crops like peas and wheat.  A methane digester installed in 2010 powers the whole farm; creating green energy from cow manure.

Farm 2
Townline Rd, Oakfield

Farm 2

In 1998 we had the opportunity to purchase this farm, just 5 miles from the home farm.  We milk around 1350 cows in the original milking parlor.  Farm 2 is also the home of the Oakfield Corners genetics barn, where our highest genetic cows reside.  As members of the Upstate Farms cooperative, the milk from our cows in Oakfield and Wilson is processed locally and made into Upstate’s tasty milk, yogurt and other delicious dairy products.

Blews Heifer Facility
Lewiston Rd, Alabama

Blews Farm

“Blews” is so named because it was purchased in 1985 from the Blew family.  Blews is located in Alabama, NY  just 5 miles from the home farm, and is where our heifers are raised after 6 months of age.  We’ve added quite a few barns at Blews over the past 10 years.  Why?  Well, one characteristic of a healthy, happy herd is that it grows!  We’ve added barns to provide space and proper care for our growing heifer herd.  These girls will return to one of the milking sites at 1-4 months prior to having their first calf.

Bliss Calf Facility
Bliss Rd, Oakfield

Bliss Calf Farm

Just across the field from the home farm is where the baby calves from the farms in Oakfield are raised.  The staff here focus on excellent care for our young calves, the future of our herd.  Raising calves is a labor of love, it’s very detailed work but also very rewarding.  Pasteurized milk is fed to the babies up until weaning.  Then they’ll be gradually introduced into a small group setting where they can learn to socialize with calves their age.  By 6 months of age these girls are off to a great start, and ready to move to Blews.

Lakeshore Dairy
Wilson, NY

Lakeshore Farm

Lakeshore Dairy is approximately 50 minutes northwest of Oakfield.  We purchased this farm from the Flevie Danielewicz family and started milking cows in December of 2009.  Our farm manager, Doug Welker, and the great farm team takes care of 1900 milking cows, dry cows and calves up to 6 months of age.  Lakeshore is so named because it isn’t far from the shore of Lake Ontario, and on a clear day you can see the Toronto skyline from the top of the bunk silos.  We farm 2,000 acres in Wilson and the surrounding towns, growing corn and alfalfa to feed the herd.  In 2017 a new methane digester was installed on the farm, allowing us to turn waste from the cows into electricity!

Convoy Dairy
Convoy, Ohio

Convoy Farm

In September of 2016 we had the opportunity to move beyond the NY border with the purchase of Convoy dairy.  Our herd continues to grow, so this new facility gave us a chance to give our girls a bit more elbow room.  Convoy Dairy is located outside of Convoy, Ohio; just 1 mile from the Indiana border.   The farm manager, Craig Hall, and his top notch crew are responsible for the 1400 milking cows, dry cows and calves up to 6 months of age.  The milk from Convoy goes into the popular Dannon yogurt products!